This is the first book on Somerset's cider apples to be published and breaks new ground by including colour photographs of all 80 varieties still grown in Somerset's orchards today. As well as photographs, there are drawings of every apple, showing size and shape, together with descriptive notes on their origins and quality for cider making.

There are identification charts, lists of varieties according to taste, another giving their alternative names, as well as fascinating historical information describing the changing fortunes of Somerset's cider growers and makers.

The publication of A Somerset Pomona comes at a time when the drinking of cider has rarely been so popular, whilst the renewed interest in traditional apple varieties gives added importance to a book that combines hortcultural facts with the down-to-earth story of Somerset's most celebrated drink.

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Below is an example of one of the pages from part two of the book - The Descriptions, showing layout, information and illustrations.



A Somerset Pomona - Book cover.

Book dimensions: W: 265mm H 238mm 80 pages.